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In this section we have a number of karate videos not just for training purposes, but ones that may show historical content or other demonstrations or competitions that we’re sure will be of interest. Don’t forget to visit our You Tube channel to see a more extensive range of our videos.

Heian Shodan kata at slow speed

Heian Shodan is the first kata learnt by new karate students and this video shows a performance of the kata slowly to allow students to see more detail as an aid for their training.

Heian Shodan kata shown at normal speed

This video demonstrates the Shotokan kata Heian Shodan. It’s performed at normal combat speed to show not just techniques, but also the correct rhythm at which the kata should be performed.

Heain Nidan kata at slow speed

The second shotokan kata a karate student learns is Heian Nidan. Kicking techniques are introduced in this kata and at slow speed students can see technique execution a little clearer.

Heian Nidan kata shown at normal speed

Here Heian Nidan is performed at normal combat speed to give a better understanding of correct technique execution and timing.

Heian Sandan kata shown at slow speed

The third kata a student learns is Heian Sandan. This kata introduces more complex blocking and striking techniques and this video demonstrated the kata at a slow speed for learning purposes.

Heian Sandan kata shown at normal speed

The timing in this the third kata in the Heian series is somewhat more complex than the first two kata and this video show the execution of the kata at normal combat speed.

Vintage footage – sanbon kumite

Sanbon, or three step sparring, is practiced initially after a student has been training for approximately six months. This rare video shows practice of this form of sparring initially on a beach and laterly in a dojo.

Vintage footage of Funakoshi Sensei

Meikyo is an advanced Shotokan kata and this very grainy and dark video shows Funakoshi Sensei performing this kata.

Funakoshi Sensei kumite

In this video we see an elderly Funakoshi Gichin Sensei practicing kumite (sparring) with one of his senior students Obata Isao Sensei.

Beach demonstration by WSKF Victoria members

This video was recorded by members of the Portland and Hamilton WSKF clubs in Victoria at the spectacular Bridgewater Bay beach in 2012. It formed part of a demonstration for The Beats Cycle for Hope which was initiated by one of our members at the time, Paul Beattie, who sadly lost his battle with cancer in January 2013 (after achieving his Black Belt in December 2012). Those of us in WSKF who knew him miss Paul.  His brave story can be seen here ;


Kasuya Hitoshi Sensei Demonstrations

This video shows the Chief Instructor of WSKF Sensei Kasuya Hitoshi participating in various kumite (sparring) demonstrations at WSKF World Championships

WSKF Competition Karate

This video shows two competitors in an ippon shobu (one point) competition match at the WSKF World Championships in 2013